Whats Your Travel Story?

Day 159 – Enough about me already!  I want to hear from you!

Through Day53 I have been able to discuss the ups and downs of my current journey abroad, my travel stories across multiple continents, and hopefully give some helpful travel tips.  I don’t plan on stopping my posts, but in addition to them I want to hear your travel related stories and adventures and feature them on this blog.

Do you have a travel story that changed your life?  A journey that taught you more about yourself than you thought possible?  Beneficial travel tips that you would like to share?

If so please drop an email to contact@day53.com or use the contact page on this website.  Please be sure to include a brief summary of what you would like to post and your contact information.  If your post is relevant to Day53 I will contact you with further details to get your post added to Day53.

In addition, we will be adding a few new regular contributors to Day53.  Some with years of travel experience and others with very little experience.  The first of these contributors is an experienced traveler.  She has been to four continents, over 20 foreign countries and half of the states in the US.  She has been traveling for longer than I’ve been alive. Not counting Canada, she traveled to her first country – St. Maarten, when she was 13 with her grandmother.  Check back tomorrow to read her first post.  I have already read it and must say it is not only enjoyable, but also makes a good point!  The thumbnail picture she chose for her first post stands alone as maybe the best picture to be uploaded to Day53.  I thought she took it off of Nat Geo’s website, but she has confirmed that it was indeed her who took it.

Finally, I would like to thank all of you who voted on what country I will visit next.  Cambodia turned out to be the winner with a whopping 12 votes.  I have started the process of finding flights and booking hotels… Check back in a few days for further details.

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