Where To Next? You Decide!

Day 155

If you read my last blog post, you are aware that one of my main reasons for moving to Singapore was the fact that it is a hub to travel all over Asia, Australia and Europe.  One of my main plans was to travel all over these areas once I obtained a job.  Well, I finally have a job and after five months of living in Singapore it is time to put my plan in action and plan my next trip.  A trip, which will most likely be taking place in two weeks from now as there is an extended weekend here due to the Deepavali holiday, which gives me the following Monday off of work.

So, the time is set, the money is in, now the only decision left to make is…

Where will I go?

To celebrate the success of Day53 and all the positive feedback I have obtained from all my viewers, I have decided to let you decide!  My only restrictions were that the destination is in a country I have never previously visited and within a reasonable flight time for a 3-day weekend.  I have limited it down to five destinations for you to choose from.  You can vote once an hour and voting will end this Tuesday at 11:59PM Eastern Standard Time (11:59AM Wednesday, Singapore Standard Time).

Shortly after the voting is over I will announce my travel itinerary and a full trip report will follow my trip.  I will also be broadcasting live from this destination on Sunday, November 3rd on my Now Boarding Radio Show.

Thank you all for reading my blog!  I look forward to your decision!


  • Laura Konderwich says:

    Jimmyyyy save Thailand for when I’m ready for you!! Have so much fun wherever you decide to go!

  • Kathleen Walker says:

    Wherever you go Jimmy I’m sure it will be amazing, I hear that Vietnam is pretty, (that was my vote haha). I’m sure wherever you go you’ll have a great time, have fun and be safe, love you.

  • David Walker says:

    Be safe, ENJOY yourself and come back soon!

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