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Four months ago, at this very moment, I was just arriving in Singapore.  Facing uncertainty everywhere I looked.  Day 1 of what would become a great adventure.  Over the four … Continue Reading →


Thank You!

Today, I can say people from 50 countries have viewed my blog!  I am not sure what country it was, either South Africa or Algeria, but they made my day!  … Continue Reading →


Culinary Exploits: Singapore

While my friends back in the U.S. are getting ready for Labor Day weekend, I think back to all of the fun Labor Day’s I have had in the past. … Continue Reading →

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Journey’s End: Expiration Day!

Day 90 When this all started back on day 1 (May 18th) I was given a 90 day tourist pass upon entering Singapore.  That tourist pass expires today.  90 days … Continue Reading →


Singapore National Day, NDP 2013: An American’s Perspective

HAPPY 48th BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE! On Friday Singapore celebrated its 48th Birthday.  A day full of fun festivities held all over the island.  A day culminating with the National Day Parade … Continue Reading →


Top 5 Travel Tips For The Solo Traveler

Below are my top 5 travel tips for the solo traveler to help you get the most from your trip.  There are a lot of pros to traveling solo.  My … Continue Reading →


The Verdict

Approved or denied. Victory or defeat. Stay here in Singapore or go home. Well before we get there let’s rewind to day 67.  On day 67 I was invited for … Continue Reading →

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Blogger’s Block: A Look Back To Pulau Ubin

Day 26 Just like Major League Baseball’s Alex Rodriguez, I find myself awaiting a verdict this week. Unlike Alex, I hope my verdict will allow me to re-enter the workforce … Continue Reading →

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Operation Vital Dawn *Update*

Mission Briefing: Earlier this week I received intel that in order to obtain a work pass in Singapore I may need my original degree and diploma.  This was unfortunate news … Continue Reading →


Father Time – A Look Through The Hourglass

Day 70 Another week bites the dust!  Dust.  About the only thing I have left in my wallet.  I have now been living in Singapore for 10 full weeks.  What … Continue Reading →