Now Boarding Radio Show

Hosted by Dan Ronsani and Jim Hoffman on WGXC 90.7FM, Acra, NY

Largely focused around subjects of travel, with 2 co-hosts who jab each other over their travel adventures, good or bad, wise and incredibly idiotic, perceived notions and epiphanies, but always influenced by the redeeming essence of a brave new step to be taken via the way of travel. Guests will be highly regular, as well as call-ins very requested. Certain segments will be recurring, such as true and false questions, new place information, and installments of half real and fictional stories based upon their own experiences and the characters they’ve met along the way.

Check out the show here!  listen on the first and third Sunday of every month from 11am to 12pm Eastern Standard Time.

Listen to our premiere episode here!


Dan Ronsani

Born and raised in Columbia County and has always wanted to see the world firsthand. With this, adventure has lead him to explore countries and cultures in 5 separate continents, run and cycle countless miles on each, climb and trek paths that should and shouldn’t be accessed, and somehow dodge the consequence of society.

Jimmy Hoffman

Born and raised in Hudson and has had an intrigue to do the impulsive, which has developed into a crazed possession for travel. Recently he has visited 5 continents within the last year. He wishes to get to 7 very shortly, w/o any regard of cost, conscious, or impending doom. He has created the tagline: “Live the adventure..grab life by the tusk!”

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