Five Months Abroad – Day 153

Whats next?

Five months ago from today I was just landing in Singapore.  100 Days ago from today I was just thinking of the idea to start this blog.  A lot has happened since I first arrived here.  Those of you who have followed my blog have seen me go through many ups and downs along my journey.  I have finally found a job and will be completing my fifth week of work today.  I have been very busy with my new job and have found it hard to have time for myself, including time to update this blog.  I am settling into this job now though, so I hope to get back to my regular updates.

To get back to my regular updates I will give myself a little push!  One of the main factors in deciding to move here is the fact that Singapore is a hub for traveling basically anywhere.  Especially South East Asia, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.  Although the latter territories will be much more costly and time consuming, South East Asia and Asia, in general, will not be.  So, on Sunday I will list 3-4 countries that I have never been too.  It will be up to you, my viewers, to vote and pick where I will go next!  My trip will be tentatively scheduled for the first weekend of November and I will have a full trip report to follow.

As for  100 days strong and not a day without views!  Unfortunately, I have neglected the website since I started this job, but that is going to change.  In addition to getting back to my regular updates, I will also start posting travel tips, stories and guides from you, the viewers.  I will have more information on this in the next week and I hope to start posting your posts the first week of November.

As I use to always say… Making moves!

Check back Sunday to vote on which new country I shall visit in 2 weeks!

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