Calculated Risks: One Year Later

May 18, 2014 – Day 366 – 1 Year Later Before we get to today, lets take a look back to May 7th, 2013… May 7, 2013 – Day -11 … Continue Reading →


Month Of The Beard: Day 230 – 258

Back in Singapore!  My first day back my mom had surgery on her knee so I took the day off of work so I could stay close to the phone … Continue Reading →


Home Sweet Home

I’m back!  Back in the town I was born in.  Back on the streets where I grew up playing cops and robbers.  Back at the place I had my first … Continue Reading →


I’m Coming Home – Back To New York!

It has been a crazy 6 weeks!  Unfortunately, I have not done a good job updating my progress on my journey during this time.  So while I try to get … Continue Reading →

Chinatown - Lantern

Whats Your Travel Story?

Day 159 – Enough about me already!  I want to hear from you! Through Day53 I have been able to discuss the ups and downs of my current journey abroad, … Continue Reading →


Where To Next? You Decide!

Day 155 If you read my last blog post, you are aware that one of my main reasons for moving to Singapore was the fact that it is a hub … Continue Reading →


Culinary Exploits: Singapore

While my friends back in the U.S. are getting ready for Labor Day weekend, I think back to all of the fun Labor Day’s I have had in the past. … Continue Reading →


Singapore National Day, NDP 2013: An American’s Perspective

HAPPY 48th BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE! On Friday Singapore celebrated its 48th Birthday.  A day full of fun festivities held all over the island.  A day culminating with the National Day Parade … Continue Reading →

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Blogger’s Block: A Look Back To Pulau Ubin

Day 26 Just like Major League Baseball’s Alex Rodriguez, I find myself awaiting a verdict this week. Unlike Alex, I hope my verdict will allow me to re-enter the workforce … Continue Reading →


Travel Brochure to Batam, Indonesia

Over the past weekend I was lucky enough to visit Batam, Indonesia.  Situated just to the south of Singapore, Batam is the largest city in the Riau Islands province of … Continue Reading →